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Design and 3D Modeling

In the first phase of construction of boats includes the choice of style, design and layout study. Held calculation ride quality and strength of the hull loads, with power and taking into account the type of power plant. Determined materials for use in construction.


Creating a master model

For the exact shape of the hull, elements of exterior and interior use 5-axis CNC router with. Large processing area of ​​the milling machine that lets you create three-dimensional elements.


Production of matrix

In the manufacture of matrix used polymer resins and reinforcing materials, leading manufacturers, which allows repeatedly and accurately reproduce the shape of the model.


Manufacturing products

In the process of molding the body uses professional equipment for layering the gel coat and glass composite. For optimum ratio of strength / weight used vacuum forming technology.


Painting and assembly

The molded body is prepared and painted. Make installation of the power plant, electrical, communications and control systems, as well as elements of the exterior and interior of the vessel in accordance with the project. Sea trials are conducted on the water.